Antelope High School Performing Arts Center
Location Antelope, CA
Prime Contractor Clark/Sullivan Construction
Architect John Sergio Fisher & Associates
Fabricator Weldway Steel Fabrication
Year Completed 2019
Capacity of project in tons of steel 267

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Antelope High School Performing Arts Center is a new single-story building with a high and low roof, with two sections of tension grids located above the auditorium seats and behind the stage.  This project required 267 tons of steel to be erected and installed.

The exterior of the building is comprised of CMU block walls that were placed prior to the structural steel, resulting in the field crew erecting the steel in the blind with the use of a phone man.  The structure includes a 62’-0” long, 8’-0” deep truss, weighing approximately 13 tons, that was used to support two W40x292x 68’ roof hip beams, weighing 14 tons each, and the stage’s drapery support frame.  This required the erection crew to erect the truss and then erect the drapery support frame 62’-0”, 11’-0” deep, weighing 5 tons, from underneath the truss.  The crew had to land the drapery support frame in the hole prior to the truss erection and then rig around the truss to erect the frame into place.