Emerald High School
Location Dublin, CA
Prime Contractor BHM Construction
Architect PBK Architects
Fabricator Weldway Steel Fabrication
Year Completed 2023 (in progress)
Capacity of project in tons of steel 2,100

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The Emerald High School project consisted of 7 different buildings: a 3-story classroom building, a 2-story library building, a 2-story administration building, two buildings to serve as student union/hub, and a gymnasium with a separate locker room building,

The gymnaisum building had six 121′ long trusses, each truss requiring field splicing. The buildings also included buckling restraint bracing frames and had a total of 741 complete joint penetration welds.

Our field crews utilized two of our self-owned cranes to erect the 2,100 tons of steel required for this new school – a 200 ton truck crane and a 330 ton crawler.