Stanford Center for Academic Medicine (CAM) – Stanford University
Location Stanford, CA
Prime Contractor Level 10 Construction
Architect HOK Group, Inc.
Fabricator Sunsteel, LLC
Year Completed 2020 (in progress)
Capacity of project in tons of steel 1,995

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The Stanford Center for Academic Medicine is a new four-story, 168,730 square foot, U-shaped building requiring 1,995 tons of steel to be erected and installed.

This project required the use of a tower crane for erection of early embedded structural members and use of a 200-ton conventional crane and a 330-ton crawler crane for simultaneous erection by two raising gangs on opposite sides of the building. The structure included Buckling Restrained Braces, roof trusses, and cantilevered beams and cantilevered roof trusses.

The WSE team developed and implemented an in-depth erection procedure, including a separate procedure for erection of the cantilevered roof truss and floor section.  Our team developed and implemented a shoring procedure that included vertical and horizontal guying to ensure stability and proper alignment with the columns during the truss erection, as the columns that supported the roof trusses sat on top of cantilevered beams from the third level of steel.  In order to ensure safety and stability of the cantilevered trusses, floors and columns, shoring towers were required to support a total of 120 tons.  Once the cantilevered roof trusses, two cantilevered floors and columns were erected and all bolting/welding completed, the shoring system was lowered in increments to allow the steel framing to deflect from its self-weight.  Then the shoring system was snugged up to support the concrete pours at the two floor levels, then the shoring was again lowered incrementally after the concrete had reached full strength.  Each incremental lowering of the shoring was monitored by our surveyor to document actual settlement.