EchoWater Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR)
Location Elk Grove, CA
Prime Contractor Dragados USA
Architect CH2M HILL
Fabricator Allied Steel Company
Year Completed 2020 (in progress)
Capacity of project in tons of steel

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The Echowater BNR Project was the largest project in Sacramento County at the time of commencement.  The project had multiple areas of work progressing concurrently – the Pump Station, Pump Station Platform, Area Control Center (ACC) Building, Blower Building, Electrical Building, and the Piping Gallery.

The Pump Station is 39’ by 92’ and required the field crew to erect and install Open Web Joists at the roof attached to CMU walls.  The Pump Station Platform is 8’ by 56’ with a stairway.

The ACC Control Building is 122’ by 130’, with 25’ high structural steel and open web joists at the roof.  The adjacent Blower Building is 59’ by 175’, with 44’ high structural steel and open web joists at the roof.  This building also has a crane way and stair way to the roof.

The Electrical Building has two areas, one 39’ by 133’ and the other 39’ by 102’.  Both areas utilized open web joists at the roof attached to CMU walls.

The Piping Gallery is a utilidor 35’ wide by 32’ high and 1170’ long.  There are two rows of columns the length of the utilidor, with three levels of beams supporting pipping that needed to be erected in conjunction with the pipe fitter and electrician trades.  The Piping Gallery also has three stairways for access and eight valve access platforms.